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G6: World’s First 61W Travel Adapter with GaN

Campaign Overview

G6 Adaptor

World’s smallest 61W PPS Travel Adapter | Charging 4 Devices at the same time | Auto-resetting Fuse

Travelling should be hassle free, but it’s never easy when you have to worry about having chargers for all your devices and bringing multiple travel adapters for them. Just going out for a business meeting in a foreign country will mean carrying your laptop charger, phone charger and travel adapter. Imagine being able to bring just 1 charger to charge your Macbook, iPad and iPhone almost ANYWHERE in the world.

G6 features an USB-C 61W Power Delivery 3.0 port (PPS), 2 USB A ports, power adapter, universal travel adapter and auto-resetting fuse all packed into a pocket-sized adapter. Finally an all-in-one adapter that can replace the hassle of worrying about bringing all your other chargers around the world. 

Travelling should be seamless and easy but in order to stay connected in today’s world it’s a hassle to pack chargers for your USB devices including your laptop, phone, travel adapters and still manage to fit in your other belongings. Smaller travel adapters can only support 2 or 3 devices at a time and at low charge speeds. G6 has a USB-C (PPS) port, 2 USB-A ports, and a 4 pin multi-region AC output, charging up to 4 devices simultaneously.