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Mudra Band – Add Gesture Control to Apple Watch

Campaign Overview

mudra band

Mudra Band lets you enjoy music, manage calls and notifications using effortless finger movements.

Mudra Band is a smart watch wristband that lets you control your Apple Watch using effortless finger movements.

The band slides over your Apple Watch screen just like a normal band, and instantly turns the watch into a single-handed device. By requiring you to use only the hand that’s wearing the watch, Mudra Band lets you multitask while operating the watch, without blocking the display.

Meet Mudra

Mudra Band lets you control your Apple watch using subtle finger movements. We named it after the mudra (/muˈdrɑ ː/ Sanskrit मुद्रा), an elegant ritual gesture performed with the hands and fingers [in Eastern cultures].

Mudra supports discrete, continuous, and air-touch interactions. 

  • Discrete gestures are individual finger movements – such as a single finger moving, or the soft tap of a finger on the thumb
  • Continuous gestures are various fingertip pressure gradations applied to physical objects or other fingers
  • Air-touch gestures combine fingertip pressure and an air mouse – such as sliding to unlock
mudra description