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SND RAY – The Best HiFi Bone Conduction Sunglasses

Campaign Overview


The world’s highest fidelity bone conduction glasses — listen to music & take calls w/ your shades

SND-RAY (pronounced “Sound Ray”) is the only pair of bluetooth bone conduction sunglasses that give you amazing, high fidelity sound quality.

SND-RAY uses the latest innovations in sound, material, tech, design, and optics to ensure you get the best experience possible. Enjoy ultra-lightweight nylon frames, aerospace grade titanium hinges, UV400 polarized lenses, a long lasting battery life, and an iconic, sleek silhouette in the best sounding audio sunglasses in the world.

SND-RAY’s bone conduction sound system delivers authentic and outstanding 360° sound unlike any you’ve ever heard. Our best-in-class speakers, premium materials, and innovative engineering deliver sound waves directly to your head and ensure ZERO loss of fidelity.

4 powerful top-of-the-line SND-WAVE™ speakers secure solid connection points to your bones. The titanium hinges guarantee a direct translation of every frequency and vibration emitted by SND-RAY. This all means you get the highest fidelity sound without putting anything in or on your ear.

SND-Ray has the latest and greatest innovations in audio and tech hidden inside the frame. Prepare to experience the future of audio and wearables unlike anything you’ve ever heard.